Miley Cyrus Will Be On “The Ellen Show” On November 7, 2012 To Promote Her Upcoming Appearance On “Two And A Half Men”

October 30, 2012 • By Home

Miley Cyrus will be on “The Ellen Show” on November 7, 2012. She’ll be chatting with Ellen DeGeneres about her upcoming appearance on “Two And A Half Men,” airing on November 8, 2012. This marks Miley’s second time on the super funny show! We hope that if she gets the episode high enough ratings, like she did last time she appeared on the show, she will be asked to join the show full time!

Miley will most likely also chat with Ellen about the album she has been hard at work on the past few months. Miley plans to release a single off of the album by the end of the year, and then she hopes to have the album out to her fans early next year.

Do you plan on watching Miley on “Two And A Half Men” on November 8, 2012?

P.S. Have you heard that Miley and Liam are planning 3 weddings and looking to spend $1 million?

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