Will Zac Efron And Emma Stone Star In The New “Star Wars” Movies?

November 4, 2012 • By Home

Disney just acquired LucasFilm from George Lucas, and the company has already announced plans to make “Star Wars” episodes 7, 8 and 9 over the next number of years. A number of actors’ names have already been thrown into the running of who will play Luke and Leia in the new movies, which are a continuation of the “Star Wars” franchise.

So far the names in the lead are Zac Efron and Emma Stone. Zac is a big fan of the “Star Wars” movies, and we could totally see him signing on for the role, however he has said in the past that he wants to distance himself from Disney. Do you think he would return for the role, and do you think he would be a good fit?

Other names that have been mentioned for the role are Shia Leboeuf and Ryan Reynolds (who has also been mentioned for the role of Han Solo).

Who would YOU cast in the upcoming “Star Wars” films?

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