Kevin Jonas Had To Talk Danielle Jonas Into Being A Part Of A Reality Show

November 12, 2012 • By Home

Now that the first season of “Married To Jonas” is over, Kevin Jonas is opening up more about the show – most likely in order to keep the show fresh on viewers minds in the hopes of it getting picked up for a second season (which we would love!). Kevin revealed to Sugarscape that he had to talk Danielle into doing the show! When asked if he had to persuade his wife to be a part of the reality series, Kevin replied:

At first yes, because she’s quite shy and reserved and not use to being in the spot light!

He also added,

We were pretty open to the cameras. Obviously they didn’t follow us to the bathroom or film us sleep, that would just be weird.

Did YOU watch the first season of “Married To Jonas”? Do you hope the show gets a second season?

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