Gregg Sulkin Will Tweet Less While Filming His New Movie In Wales

November 19, 2012 • By Home

Gregg Sulkin will be in Wales for a while filming a new movie, and sadly he won’t be able to Tweet as much as he is used to! Here’s Gregg’s note to his fans explaining why they won’t be hearing from him as often as usual:

Sadly, due to the OBSURD roaming charges that mobile networks like to charge, I won’t be tweeting as much as I would like while filming…However, that does mean the tweets I do manage to send will be interesting, and hopefully funny. And may tend to be longer than usual. Here’s my first one: Day 2 in Wales and it’s been great so far. Crew and cast i’ve met so far are lovely. Side note: it’s very cold here. More importantly, I’m excited to shoot this movie. I feel like it’s going to be a movie that you all respond to and would want to see. I don’t like keeping you guys in the dark, but I’m not allowed to tell you guys what I’m shooting….but just know it’s going to be great….oh and I may be taking my shirt off :)

Do you have any guesses about what type of movie Gregg is filming? We can’t wait to learn more!

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