Taylor Swift Says Her Friends Help Her Make Decisions About Her Relationships

November 22, 2012 • By Home

Taylor Swift revealed during a recent interview that her friends help her make decisions about her relationships. Taylor spilled:

I am totally a girls’ girl! My girlfriends have stopped me from making a lot of bad choices. Your girlfriends are objective, they don’t feel the desperate passionate feelings you’re feeling. They just see that he cheated on you, he lied about it – and you still consider this as a viable option? We are totally those girls who say, ‘He said he wants me back, do I text him back? Do I not text him back? What do I do? Freeze him out? Yeah, OK, freeze him out’. It’s a committee.

We wonder how Taylor’s friends feel about her dating One Direction’s Harry Styles? How do YOU feel about Taylor dating Harry?

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