Source Claims Justin Bieber Will Only Listen To Selena Gomez For Career Advice

November 24, 2012 • By Home

A new source has spoken out about Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez, and revealed that Selena is the only one that Justin will listen to for career advice – and that reportedly upsets his team! The source revealed, via Fox News:

Justin is completely in love with her, crazy over her, but she’s the only one he listens to, and that’s not good. He does whatever Selena tells him to do. It gets so bad that his management calls Selena when they really want Justin to do something, and they ask her to ask him to do it, then he does. She’s got his heart and ear. They don’t want to see them back together and they don’t want all the back and forth between them. It’s not a good look to have him publicly begging and pining for her. His team has to stay in her good graces to get through to him, and it’s child games.

We think Justin is totally making his own business decisions, but as with any relationship it doesn’t surprise us if he does run what he’s up to by Selena! We highly doubt that Selena would be giving him any bad career advice if she does in fact get into detailed conversations with him about where his career is headed. However, we have a feeling these two try to keep career out of the conversation during the limited time they get to spend together!

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