“Liz & Dick” Costume Designer Talks About Working With Lindsay Lohan On The Lifetime Movie

November 27, 2012 • By Home

The “Liz & Dick” Costume designer spoke out recently about what it was like to work with Lindsay Lohan on the Lifetime movie. Salvador Perez Jr. revealed, via Perez Hilton:

I was really put to the test to make the movie believable and iconic at the same time. And also, we’re talking Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan, two woman who wear clothes very differently. I had to be inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, but flatter Lindsay Lohan…Lindsay was constantly watching Elizabeth Taylor movies. At the beginning of the day we’d have a fitted costume, but she’d completely change it at the last minute just because she was inspired by something else. Anytime something was going wrong, I’d just pull out more jewelry and say, ‘Look, something sparkly, something sparkly! That usually placated her.

Did YOU tune in for the “Liz & Dick” premiere? Lindsay isn’t happy with the reviews she has been getting. Let us know what YOU thought of the movie in the comments section!

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