How Does Miley Cyrus Feel About What Angus T. Jones Said About “Two And A Half Men”?

November 28, 2012 • By Home

Miley Cyrus’ friend has revealed how Miley feels about the comments Angus T. Jones made about his TV show “Two And A Half Men.” Miley enjoyed her time guest starring on the show, and she was hoping to come back for more episodes in the future, so how does she feel about Angus calling the show “filth”? Her friend revealed:

Miley was shocked just like everyone else who saw the video. But Miley doesn’t judge anyone and she of course wants Angus and everyone who works on the show to be happy and continue doing the show because she’s a huge fan and she likes guest appearing. She had the time of her life when she worked with Angus and she even thinks he’s hot and incredibly sweet. She even had fun hanging on set and filming with Ashton and Jon. I know she’s sure things will work themselves out between everyone involved. She loves Angus and adores his character on the show. She also respects his beliefs and is sure that Angus will make the best choice for his life. Everything will be fine at that show, they all get along well.

What do YOU think about Angus’ video where he talks about not liking “Two And A Half Men”?

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