Selena Gomez Set Up Taylor Swift And Harry Styles

December 2, 2012 • By Home

According to sources, Selena Gomez was the one who told Taylor Swift she should go out with Harry Styles! Selena is BFF with Taylor, and she met One Direction through her boyfriend Justin Bieber, so it’s no surprise really if she did in fact set this pair up!

While Taylor and Harry are “dating” the duo are taking things slow for sure, and they haven’t been spotted in public together, except for at “The X Factor” when Taylor performed on the show and Harry was backstage supporting her.

At “The X Factor,” Taylor and Harry were seen holding hands and flirting, but they haven’t been seen together since AND we’ve heard rumors that Harry is refusing to commit to being in a steady relationship with Taylor.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear more!

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