Taylor Swift’s Fans Help Determine Her Tour Set List

December 3, 2012 • By Home

Taylor Swift has revealed that she does not have a team helping her on Twitter, but rather she Tweets to her fans herself! Taylor told Hot Hits:

I think it’s all how you use it. I don’t have like a team of people who operate it, I just use it when I wanna tell them something, or when I think something’s funny. I think for me, it feels like a personal relationship. And yeah it’s a personal relationship with 22 million people, but it’s still a personal relationship. Sometimes if I see something that isn’t nice I’ll just quickly go to the next one, like read the next one.

Taylor also uses her Twitter to help determine her tour set list:

The thing I love to look at the responses for is to determine, like, the set list for tour. ‘Cos I can tell based on what my fans are tweeting about the most, I can tell what songs they like the most. And that’s how I put together the setlist.

Very cool! Do YOU plan on seeing Taylor on her “Red” tour next year?

P.S. Taylor and Harry Styles were spotted at the Central Park Zoo in New York City over the weekend!

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