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Bella Thorne’s Pink Hair Up-Do

December 8, 2012 • By Home

OMG we are loving the pink streaks in Bella Thorne’s hair! She shared a photo of her pink highlights earlier this week, but it was difficult to see the bright colors in the photo. Now, in the photo Bella shared below, you can see the highlights more clearly!

Take the poll underneath to let us know if you are loving Bella’s pink hairstyle!

P.S. Bella and her friends and family recently decorated for the holidays! Have YOU decorated already?

ABC’s “Private Practice” Wraps Shooting For Good December 8, 2012

December 8, 2012 • By Home

ABC’s medical drama “Private Practice” is wrapping filming forever today, December 8, 2012. Here’s a note that show creator Shonda Rhimes posted earlier this week:

It is the very last week shooting @PrivatePractice – am feeling wildly nostalgic. But also proud to have gone 6 seasons…

And here’s a note that Shonda posted today:

Last day of @PrivatePractice and we are about to shoot the final scene of the series finale. Sniff, sniff…

Are YOU going to be bummed when the show is off the air?

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