The One Direction Members Are Worried About Harry Styles’ Relationship With Taylor Swift

December 10, 2012 • By Home

Uh oh…The One Direction members are reportedly worried about Harry Styles‘ relationship with Taylor Swift! A source spilled the following:

Harry’s public romancing of Taylor has got the other lads all riled up. With Taylor’s reputation for writing break-up songs about her exes, they think Harry could find himself in a spot of bother if it doesn’t work out and his actions are setting them all up for a fall.

Another source revealed:

Harry’s especially loved by the band’s female fans and there is a feeling that by being so open about his relationship with Taylor he will only upset them. The boys are praying that when it does come down to it, he ends things amicably with her. Otherwise, they fear there will be he** to pay.

Yikes! Be sure to share YOUR thoughts on Taylor and Harry in the comments section!

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