ABC “Nashville” Soundtrack CD

December 12, 2012 • By Home

ABC Nashville Soundtrack CD

ABC has just released a “Nashville” soundtrack CD! The album includes songs from the stars of the show Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton!

Here’s the “Nashville” album track list:

1. If I Didn t Know Better / Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen
2. Telescope (Radio Mix) / Hayden Panettiere
3. Buried Under / Connie Britton
4. Sideshow / Charles Esten
5. Undermine / Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten
6. When The Right One Comes Along/ Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen
7. Love Like Mine / Hayden Panettiere
8. Telescope / Lennon Stella, Maisy Stella
9. Twist Of Barbwire / Jonathan Jackson
10. No One Will Ever Love You / Connie Britton, Charles Esten
11. Wrong Song / Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere

Let us know if you pick up the CD, and tell us which song is your favorite!

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