This Is The Second Time Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Have Dated

December 15, 2012 • By Home

Taylor Swift Harry Styles Dated Before

According to new reports, this is the second time that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have tried dating. The duo reportedly dated back in March, but Taylor met Conor Kennedy before their relationship could really take off and she opted to date Conor over Harry.

Sources have spilled that instead of getting upset, Harry just wanted to date Taylor even more, and he followed her love life in the media until finding out she was single and swooping in! Here’s what a source revealed:

Taylor and Harry had a couple of dates back when they met, but the timing wasn’t right because they were busy with work; then Taylor met Conor and fell hard for him. As soon as Harry found out that Taylor was single again, he went after her. Dating has always been a bit of a cat and mouse game for him, and he’s never really had a girl say no to him before. When Taylor started dating Conor so soon after their dates, it made Harry realize how much he liked her.

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