Kristen Stewart Apologizes For Upsetting Her Fans When She Cheated On Robert Pattinson

December 17, 2012 • By Home

Kristen Stewart Apologizes For Her Affair

Kristen Stewart spoke with the media about her cheating scandal, and she revealed that she is sorry for upsetting her fans. Kristen said:

You have to be OK with your own fears. If you’re an honest person you’ll make mistakes, but that’s when the most interesting things happen. I used to just stay in my hotel room rather than deal with everything, but if you get too caught up in what others think you become a really disjointed person. It’s not a terrible thing if you’re either loved or hated. But honestly, I don’t care ’cause it doesn’t keep me from doing my sh**. And I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. It was not my intention.

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P.S. Kristen is on the cover of the new Marie Claire issue in Australia!

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