Charlie Sheen Gives Zac Efron A Baseball Signed By Babe Ruth

December 21, 2012 • By Home

Charlie Sheen Gives Zac Efron Baseball Signed By Babe Ruth

Charlie Sheen and Zac Efron were hanging out recently and Charlie gave Zac a fabulous gift! Charlie was showing off his baseball memorabilia to Zac and Zac pointed out that he was a fan of the baseball signed by Babe Ruth, so Charlie said he could have it!

A source revealed:

Charlie is a massive baseball fan. He is really proud of the array of stuff, old and new, that he has amassed and keeps it in a special room in his Los Angeles mansion. One evening he and Zac had been having a wild boys’ night at Charlie’s. Charlie showed him his collection and Zac was blown away by the 1920s signed Babe Ruth baseball which he’d bought at auction for around £1.6million. Charlie got it out and suddenly told him it was all his, that Zac could keep it… Now he doesn’t quite know how to ask Zac for the ball back.

Oops! We’ll let you know if Zac gives Charlie the ball back!

P.S. Have you heard that Zac signed on for a new movie called “Parkland“?

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