Zendaya Coleman Is Releasing A New Music Video December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012 • By Home

Zendaya Coleman Music Video

We can’t wait! It sounds like Zendaya Coleman is releasing a new music video today! Here’s what she told her fans last night:

I have a BIG surprise for you guys tomorrow – soooo excited for you to see!!! any guesses on my surprise…I posted some pics a while back that have something to do with it!! more clues coming!! its not a new song…but has something to do with music it has nothing to do with Shake It Up but has something in common with Shake It Up u guys are making me laugh with some of ur comments and guesses! :) I will post in the AM! last clue is that many of u have guessed already! ok…one more clue then not more…two words…like wheel of fortune you can fill in the letters: _ _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _ _

Do YOU think Zendaya is releasing a music video? Or, do you have another guess? We’ll keep you posted!

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