Find Out Why Taylor Swift Didn’t Get The Part Of Eponine In “Les Miserables”

December 29, 2012 • By Home

Taylor Swift Les Miserables

Taylor Swift auditioned for the role of Eponine in the “Les Miserables” movie, but she didn’t get the role. Instead, Samantha Barks (who was rumored to be dating Nick Jonas a while ago) got the part.

Here’s what “Les Miserables” producer Cameron Mackintosh had to say about Taylor not getting the role:

She’s a lovely woman and she auditioned, and she was completely un-starry. And she’s talented. It’s just that actually the requirements of that role were better fitted by Sam.. Nearly every name you’ve heard in the gossip columns are true, came up for Eponine, and it’s wonderful I think that somebody completely unknown got it.

Have you seen “Les Miserables” at the theater? What did you think?

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