Demi Lovato’s Vacation Was Ruined, But What Happened?

December 31, 2012 • By Home

Demi Lovato Vacation Ruined

Uh oh! It sounds like Demi Lovato’s awesome vacation went sour yesterday. She Tweeted:

Why do people think that just because you put your music out there, people suddenly own you? Vacations aren’t even fun anymore. :(

It’s unclear what happened to Demi, but we are so sad that her vacation isn’t going smoothly!

Here’s what a fan Tweeted after witnessing whatever happened to Demi on her vacation:

@ddlovato I was there when that happened, and those people were totally wrong. They should be kicked out. I hope you come back, im a big fan.

Demi hasn’t Tweeted since about the incident, but she did make sure to get on Twitter this morning though to congratulate Kim Kardashian on her pregnancy!

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