Liam Payne Calls Zayn Malik The Laziest Member Of One Direction

January 7, 2013 • By Home

Zayn Malik Lazy

Liam Payne has revealed that Zayn Malik is the laziest member of One Direction! During an interview with Top of the Pops about who the laziest member of the UK group was, Liam revealed:

It’s 100 per cent Zayn. He never gets out of bed. In fact, he was third into the car today so he did quite well, but he is incredibly lazy. He’s not lazy in an ‘I can’t be bothered to get you a drink’ way, just in the way he sleeps, cos he’s always the last to get up.

Does that surprise you?

We can’t wait for the guys’ new “Kiss You” music video to arrive in a little over an hour!

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