Are Selena Gomez And Nick Jonas Back Together? Justin Bieber Reveals His Aggression Toward Nick!

January 11, 2013 • By Home

Selena Gomez Nick Jonas Justin Bieber

Ok, so Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas played ping pong a while ago when Selena Gomez and Justin had begun their on-again off-again drama. The guys were at the recording studio and didn’t see a problem in hanging out, but Selena reportedly flipped out and got into a huge argument with Justin – understandable since who really wants their current boyfriend befriending their ex-boyfriend, right?

So anyway, Selena and Justin continued doing their thing and that was the last we heard of Justin and Nick hanging out, until now.

Justin shared the photo below of a ping pong ball that he and Nick used to play that day. Here’s what Justin posted along with the photo:

This was the ping pong ball after me slamming it on Nick Jonas lol haha

Justin Bieber Nick Jonas Ping Pong

We’re curious why Justin has decided to share the photo with his fans now, instead of days and days ago when the ping pong match actually occurred. Our first thought was that maybe Selena and Nick had reunited and Justin is trying to show that he’s better than Nick sine he’s stronger? More aggressive? Not quite sure.

Do YOU think there’s a chance that Selena and Nick are back together, and that JB is totally peeved? Let us know in the poll below!

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