Zayn Malik Doesn’t Know Why People Don’t Want Him Dating Perrie Edwards

January 12, 2013 • By Home

Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards

In an interview with Twist magazine, One Direction member Zayn Malik revealed that he doesn’t understand why people don’t want him to date Perrie Edwards. Zayn said:

I don’t understand why some people want to break us up, but I guess there’s a jealousy because I have a girlfriend now while I was a bit of a ‘bad boy’ before. We had an understanding from the start. I told her, ‘This is my job, this is what’s going to happen, stories will come out. Do you still want to be with me?’ That was established and after it was about me and her. Perrie’s very chilled out, like me. We understand the job we’re in – our jobs are full-on every single hour of the day. Perrie gets that because she has to do the same thing. It can be difficult to keep a relationship on the road but that depends on the people. I was literally texting her as a mate and she was asking me for advice ’cause they’re doing the same thing that we were doing a year or so ago. And it started off like that, and obviously she’s a very attractive girl! Perrie has a lot of trust in me and I in her. That’s why it works.

Aww! That’s so sweet! Do YOU love Zayn and Perrie as a couple, or are you someone who wishes they weren’t an item?

P.S. Today is Zayn’s 20th birthday!

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