Is Taylor Swift Helping Selena Gomez Write Songs About Justin Bieber?

January 13, 2013 • By Home

Taylor Swift Helping Selena Gomez Write Songs About Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez always spend more time together when one or the both of them are single – and since both of them have split from their BFs we have a feeling that they are spending a ton of time together as of late. Both ladies have been spotted at the recording studio – and both ladies have revealed that they are working on new music, and made it sound like the new music is about their ex’s.

Taylor Tweeted:

Back in the studio. Uh oh…

While Selena shared a photo from the studio along with posting:

@dannyboythepipe no looking back now…

We have a feeling that if Selena is working on new music about Justin she’s getting some help from her song-writing pal Taylor Swift who knows a thing or two about writing about breakups. Taylor might not want to publicly admit to helping Selena, since she and Justin are friends and may work together in the future, but we have a feeling that Taylor is giving Selena heaps of advice on the side about writing music about JB. We’ll all know for sure when Selena’s songs arrive – if they sound like something Taylor would sing, then she probably had a hand in them!

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