Selena Gomez Confirms To Her Friends That She And Justin Bieber Broke Up

January 16, 2013 • By Home

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Break Up

Selena Gomez confirmed to her friends at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards after party that she and Justin Bieber are over as a couple. Selena was overheard being asked if the rumors of their recent split was true, to which Selena revealed:

Yep, done!

Selena was then asked how her trip to Mexico was with Justin, and she answered:

Awful…We were fighting.

It doesn’t sound like these two are going to get back together…are you bummed?

P.S. Selena was seen flirting with Josh Hutcherson at the party! And rumor has it Selena was drinking at the party.

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