Harry Styles’ Friend Reveals He Didn’t Know What He Was Getting Into Dating Taylor Swift

January 19, 2013 • By Home

Harry Styles Taylor Swift

Harry Styles‘ friend Will Sweeney spoke with Heatworld about Harry’s relationship with Taylor Swift. Will revealed that Harry didn’t know what he was getting into dating Taylor!

I think he didn’t realise. Obviously, he’s 18-years old and when you’ve got two of the most famous people in the world [dating]. I don’t think he knew what that was going to be like. It’s doubled his chances of everyone wanting to see him. Everyone wants to see him and everyone wants to see her, so when they’re both together, it’s going to be insane.

Still no word yet from either Taylor or Harry about what ended their brief relationship. Some think it was because of an argument about Taylor being too emotional, others think that Taylor found girls phone numbers in Harry’s pocket while they were on vacation.

It sounds like we might hear more about the breakup soon though…sources think Taylor will perform one of her new breakup songs during the Grammy Awards!

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