Is Allstar Weekend Changing Their Name Because Of Hollywood Records?

January 19, 2013 • By Home

Allstar Weekend Name Change Hollywood Records

Allstar Weekend made the announcement that they will be changing their name, and that they will not be playing any Allstar Weekend music at their concerts under the new name. The guys told their fans:

As we were making this record, the more it became fully realized, the more we realized that this just wasn’t an Allstar Weekend record. What we want to do moving forward is not Allstar Weekend. We got signed to Hollywood Records when we were 17 & 18. Now we’re 22 & 23! We have evolved as people, musicians, and songwriters. We’ve changed just like we’re sure you guys have changed. We wanted to end this chapter of our careers on a high note!

While that’s obviously true, we can’t help but wonder if the name change has something to do with Hollywood Records – and money. We have a feeling that when the guys were dropped by Hollywood Records the record label kept the Allstar Weekend music catalog, and if that’s the case the guys would have to pay every time they perform the tracks. There’s also a chance that Hollywood Records is charging the guys to keep their name – or taking a percentage of all of their sales if the record label still owns the name.

Do YOU think Allstar Weekend’s name change has anything to do with Hollywood Records? Read the rest of the guys’ note about the name change!

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