Simon Cowell Tells Harry Styles To Clear The Air Between He And Taylor Swift

January 20, 2013 • By Home

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Taylor Swift and One Direction member Harry Styles had a difficult breakup, and neither of them wanted to talk to one another after the split. However, Simon Cowell reportedly gave Harry some advice about staying on good terms with Taylor. A source revealed:

Harry still really likes Taylor but, like anyone who has gone through a break-up, he’s found it difficult to speak to his ex. After flying back to the UK, Harry’s been trying to figure things out and in order to do that he decided to initially avoid her calls. Simon gave Harry a friendly warning that any animosity between him and Taylor could jeopardise One Direction’s popularity in the US. They’re two of the world’s biggest music stars, and Simon knew that, although things didn’t work out between them, they were bound to meet at various events and awards ceremonies. Harry spoke to Taylor on the phone while on a trip to Ghana with the One Direction boys this week for Comic Relief. Taylor was keen to meet face to face and talk things through but Harry felt there was nothing left to be said. Plus the boys’ schedule meant it wouldn’t have been possible as they were due to fly to Japan. Harry told Taylor he didn’t hold grudges and hoped things wouldn’t be awkward when they saw each other. Taylor seemed to listen but insisted there were still things they needed to discuss. The air has been cleared between them… and they’re due to see each other at next month’s Brit Awards, although friends think Taylor may pull out.

Seems like Taylor is still pretty upset. We’ve heard that she plans to sing a song about Harry at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Looks like Harry’s conversation with Taylor didn’t change her mind about that. We’ll keep you posted!

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