Justin Bieber Is Responding To Selena Gomez’s Cover Of “Cry Me A River”

January 21, 2013 • By Home

Justin Bieber Writing Music

Uh oh! Selena Gomez covered Justin Timberlake’s track “Cry Me A River” at her UNICEF concert this month, telling the audience that the song really spoke to her at this time in her life. Fans assumed Selena was talking about her breakup with Justin Bieber, and it looks like they were right!

Justin Bieber Piano

Justin is currently working on a song to respond to Selena’s cover – sharing photos of himself sitting down at the piano, revealing:

Writing my heart out

Again, it looks like Selena and Justin should really sit down and have a chat with one another, but they seem to want to air their grievances publicly, so guess we should all just sit back and watch their drama play out in front of us!

Justin Bieber R Kelly

Me and the homey R Kelly

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