Stella Hudgens Says People Hurting Her Has Made Her Stronger

January 22, 2013 • By Home

Stella Hudgens Happy

Stella Hudgens took to Twitter with an inspirational Tweet earlier about how being hurt by others has made her a stronger person. Here’s what Stella told her fans:

When people TRY to put you down by doing certain things to ‘hurt you’ it honestly just makes you stronger. i’ve never been so intact with what i want and what i’m gonna do in life to make me a better thank you to EVERYONE whose done me wrong and has hurt me… if it weren’t for you guys, i wouldn’t be as happy as i am RIGHT now.

We’re so glad that Stella is happy, but we wish more positive situations had put her there!

P.S. Have you heard that Vanessa Hudgens is in New York City?

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