“High School Musical” Actor Chris Warren (Zeke Baylor) Files A Lawsuit Against His Parents

January 27, 2013 • By Home

Chris Warren Lawsuit Against Parents

High School Musical” actor Chris Warren, who played the character Zeke Baylor in the popular Disney franchise, has filed a lawsuit against his parents – actress Brook Kerr (“Passions”) and Christopher Warren Sr. Chris is claiming that his parents have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars out of his trust account, which he established back in 2001 and just tried to access when he turned 21-years-old.

Chris claims that his parents are refusing to grant him access into the account, and that they revealed to him that they spent hundreds of thousands of his money on themselves. Chris has no idea how much money they have actually taken from him.

In addition to Chris’ lawsuit against his parents, the couple are currently going through a difficult divorce. Yikes! We wish Chris and his family the best and hope they figure all of this out!

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