Disney Cancels “The Little Mermaid” 3D Theater Release

January 29, 2013 • By Home

The Little Mermaid 3D Canceled

No! Disney has reportedly canceled “The Little Mermaid” 3D theater release, which was scheduled for September! This is such a bummer!

Disney has reportedly been making less and less money with each 3D movie re-release, with “Monsters Inc” only making $31 million compared to “The Lion King” which re-released to theaters in 3D in September 2011 and made $94 million. That is what led to the cancelation of “The Little Mermaid” in 3D.

However, Disney hasn’t released “The Little Mermaid” on Blu-ray, and it’s pretty difficult to find the movie on DVD. So, wouldn’t a ton of parents bring their kids to see “The Little Mermaid” in theaters? Would YOU go see the movie?

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