Lindsay Lohan Turned Down ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” Offer

January 30, 2013 • By Home

Lindsay Lohan Dancing With The Stars

Lindsay Lohan has turned down ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” offer. Lindsay was reportedly offered $550,000 to appear on the show – wow! However, as much as Lindsay needs the work and money, her team doesn’t want her on live TV because they think she’s too unpredictable.

A source spilled:

Lindsay has been a mess on movie sets lately. She doesn’t show up on time, she keeps everyone waiting and so her team decided that there was no way that she could handle the pressure of a live show like Dancing with the Stars. Lindsay operates on her own schedule, and there would be no way that anyone could guarantee that she would be on time for rehearsals or the shows, and they’re live so it would be horrible if she didn’t show up! A live show and Lindsay? That would not be smart!

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