Taylor Swift Has A Box Full Of Mementoes From Her Ex-Boyfriends To Help Her Write Song Lyrics

January 30, 2013 • By Home

Taylor Swift Harry Styles Song

According to a source who spoke with The Sun, Taylor Swift has a box full of mementoes from her ex-boyfriends, and she uses that box to help her write music. The source spilled:

Her main source of material for the songs she’s written about her string of other famous ex-boyfriends comes from rooting around in a trunk where she hoards keepsakes of their relationships. Photos of Harry are now in there, along with a chain he had made for her when they got together last year which matches his own favourite necklace, of a paper plane. Trinkets like that should provide some easy material for her to build a song out of.

The source also revealed that the rumors about Taylor having five songs written about Harry already are not true. In fact, Taylor is still working on a song about Harry, which she started when they split.

No word yet when Taylor will release the track for her fans to hear, but we have a feeling she won’t wait until her next album to do so!

P.S. Have you seen Taylor’s new Keds commercial?

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