Ed Sheeran Did Not Collaborate On A Song With Justin Bieber

February 10, 2013 • By Home

Justin Bieber Ed Sheeran Collaboration

It turns out that even though Ed Sheeran was in the studio with Scooter Braun on the same night that Justin Bieber was recording a track in the studio, they were not working on a song together! Ed revealed that Scooter instead had asked Ed to write a song with another one of his artists – do you think it’s Tori Kelly?

Ed revealed:

I met Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun in New York and he said he’s got this artist I want you to write with. Next time I was in LA, I was doing Jimmy Kimmel and he brought this girl to Kimmel and I met her straight afterwards. I then went to the studio and did a song. I don’t think a collaboration would work with Justin. I think collaborations should be done with people that can actually click. Two male singers makes it very difficult for it to work.

Do you hope that Ed and Justin decide to collaborate in the future? Or do you think it wouldn’t work like Ed said?

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