Is Jake T Austin Mad At Selena Gomez For Leaving “Wizards Of Waverly Place”?

February 12, 2013 • By Home

Jake T Austin Mad At Selena Gomez

Jake T Austin recently sent a message to his fans on Twitter, and it sure sounds like he’s talking about Selena Gomez. Here’s the message:

When an artists’ definition of ‘growing with their fans’ is creating content they aren’t even allowed to see…

Is Jake talking about “Spring Breakers”? If so, we think we know a reason Jake might be upset with Selena…it turns out Disney wanted to continue making “Wizards of Waverly Place,” but Selena wanted to leave the show!

The Wizards Return Alex Vs Alex

Jake recently told HollywoodLife:

Selena was very cool, definitely going to miss her. I learned a lot from her about the branding and technical sides of the business. I’ll definitely miss Selena.

It sounds like Jake doesn’t plan on hanging out with Selena anytime soon…He also added about the upcoming “The Wizards Return: Alex Vs. Alex” special:

It’s really about Disney just continuing the show. They really want to keep it going.

It sure sounds like there could have been another season of “Wizards” if Selena hadn’t wanted to leave! Do you think Jake is mad at Selena?

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