Did Scooter Braun Have A Meeting With Disney On Valentine’s Day?

February 15, 2013 • By Home

Scooter Braun Disney

Interesting! Scooter Braun shared a photo of some roses with his fans on Valentine’s Day, but the picture is so much more than that if you look closely! Behind the roses you’ll see rows and rows of Disney’s Vinylmation collectible figures.

Scooter Braun Flowers Vinylmation

Scooter Braun Vinylmation Valentines Day

So, either Scooter is a HUGE fan of the Vinylmation figures, and he’s collected a TON of them. Or, perhaps he took a meeting at Disney where the figures were displayed in someone’s office.

Scooter did share this on Twitter yesterday:

Hard work in the office today but everyone is in a great mood. U give out positive vibes u get them in return. Happy Valentine’s Day

Do YOU think Scooter was at a Disney office yesterday? Or are those his figures in his office?

Scooter Braun Vinylmation

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