Are Zayn Malik And Perrie Edwards Moving In Together?

February 16, 2013 • By Home

Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards Movie In Together

It sounds like One Direction member Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Perrie Edwards might move in together! However, A source told Closer magazine that Perrie is hesitant because she is worried about Zayn’s faithfulness. The source spilled:

Zayn wants to show Perrie he’s ready to be a proper couple. It’s as if the possibility of losing her jolted him into suggesting a bigger commitment. Perrie was taken aback and isn’t sure what she wants. She’d wanted to take the next step for ages, but now she feels she’s still getting to grips with the situation. She’s still terrified that other girls could come forward with allegations. Zayn is trying to convince her that moving in will alleviate her fears and says she can put her stamp on the home.

Do you think Zayn and Perrie should move in together?

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