One Direction Members Warned Harry Styles Not To Retaliate Against Taylor Swift

February 16, 2013 • By Home

One Direction Harry Styles Taylor Swift

The guys of One Direction reportedly warned Harry Styles not to retaliate against Taylor Swift. Taylor sang her song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” at the Grammy Awards, and she used a British accent during some of the talking parts of the song to mock her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles trying to get back together with her. A source told Radar about the 1D guys not wanting Harry to make a big deal out of Taylor’s performance:

The lads have told Harry to forget about retaliating, because it’s just not worth it. They’ve all advised him to be the bigger person and not to wash his dirty laundry in public, it’s just tacky and embarrassing. With the media circus that surrounded Harry and Taylor when they were together, the boys were a little miffed that it distracted fans from the band and what they were all about. Of course, when it didn’t work out, there was a sense of relief because they knew that, along with Harry, they could all move on. It’s only Taylor now that seems to clinging on to their failed relationship, and Harry has been told to keep his thoughts private. Taylor has serious trust issues, something that is being severely tested dating Harry. Harry courts a lot of attention. He’s a big flirt and loves the ladies. Taylor doesn’t like that and finds it very difficult to trust him. She thought he was cheating on her when they were apart over the holidays so she ended it, telling him she couldn’t be in a relationship with someone like that.

Do YOU think Harry should retaliate? Or do you think it’s a good thing that he’s laying low?

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