Will Zendaya Coleman’s Character Rocky Make It Back On “Shake It Up Chicago”?

February 18, 2013 • By Home

Shake It Up Ty It Up Zendaya Coleman Shake It Up Chicago

Oh no! What an emotional episode of “Shake It Up” this week! Here’s a description of the episode:

CeCe and Rocky must re-audition for Shake It Up, Chicago. While CeCe is incredibly nervous and tries to get on the good side of the new host, Lance, Rocky is confident they won’t have a problem getting back on the show.

It turns out that as confident as Rocky is she doesn’t make it back on the “Shake It Up Chicago” team! However, her brother Ty Blue – played by Roshon Fegan – winds up as part of the show!

Fans are frantic after last nights episode. Everyone wants to make sure that Zendaya isn’t leaving “Shake It Up,” and everyone wants her to be back on the “Shake It Up Chicago” team!

There’s NO way that Disney would push Zendaya out of the show, so no worries there! But do you think she’ll make it back on the “Shake It Up Chicago” team? Take the poll below to let us know!

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