Alan Menken Writes Songs For ABC’s “The Neighbors” Episode “Sing Like A Larry Bird”

February 26, 2013 • By Home

ABC The Neighbors Alan Menken

Disney composer Alan Menken has composed some original songs for the upcoming episode of ABC’s “The Neighbors” titled “Sing Like A Larry Bird.” Here’s a description of the episode, airing March 13, 2013:

Increasingly comfortable exploring the world outside of their gated community, the Bird-Kersees ignore the Weavers’ concerns and decide to go to into the city to see a Broadway show. Inspired by the experience, Larry decides to put on a musical of his own, which goes well until Dick literally missteps. Instead of going to Marty and Debbie for help (as they have done many times before), the Bird-Kersees risk exposing their true identities when they call 9-1-1.

Guest stars in the episode include:

Doug Jones as Dominique Wilkins
Katherine Tokarz as Mary Lou Retton
Patrick O’Sullivan as Johnny Unitas
Alden Ray as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Kiersten Lyons as Billie Jean King
Caitlin Thompson as reporter
Nick Eldredge as high pants alien
Tristen Winger as clown

Will you be tuning in?

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