Justin Bieber Is Really Performing A Concert In Space

February 26, 2013 • By Home

Justin Bieber Concert In Space

We should have known! Justin Bieber told his fans that he wanted to perform a concert in space by Tweeting:

I wanna do a concert in space.

And NASA replied with:

Maybe we can help you with that. ‘All Around the World,’ next off it?

Well it looks like a “maybe we can help” wasn’t good enough because Justin’s manager Scooter Braun had a meeting last night with Dave Clark, who holds the Astronaut Relations position at Virgin Galactic. Scooter revealed:

Tired but gonna grab drinks with @DCGalactic to discuss how we do a concert in space. #DREAMBIG right?

Looks like Justin is really going to do a concert up in space. Are you surprised?

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