Every Time Justin Bieber Brings Girls Back To His Hotel He Tells His Fans He’s Going To Record New Music

February 27, 2013 • By Home

Justin Bieber Recording Music

Is Justin Bieber even sleeping anymore? Every single night that he’s reportedly stayed out super late in London, and brought girls back to his hotel to keep partying into the wee hours of the morning, he takes to Twitter to let his fans know that he’s working on new music. Last night Justin went out with his rumored new girlfriend Ella Paige and two other ladies, didn’t get home until really early in the morning, and told his Twitter followers:

Fun night. love london. gonna get some recording in. got some stuff i wanna get out. show day tomorrow. thanks 4 supporting#RIGHTHERE

And the other day when Justin was reportedly out all night he Tweeted:

Up all last night writing. very very tired.

Whatever he’s working on must be really important if he’s opting to write and record rather than sleep! We can’t wait to hear his new songs!

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