Justin Bieber’s 19th Birthday Party Gets Shut Down Early Because Of The Paparazzi

March 2, 2013 • By Home

Justin Bieber 19th Birthday Party

Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday party was held last night at the Cirque Du Soir in London, England. A ton of Justin’s friends showed up to the party, but Justin was super disappointed when the party was shut down early.

Justin’s friend Alfredo Flores gave the following reason for why the party ended early:

I mean… I have no words. Paparazzi are disgusting. Wont even allow a 19 year old enjoy his birthday. Hurting fans? Makes no sense #ashame I’m disgusted. I remember this day all to well 2 years ago in LA. It just won’t ever quit. Wish he could just have a few hours…

Above is a photo of Justin arriving at his party. We feel so bad that it had to shut down early!

P.S. Justin’s rumored girlfriend Ella Paige was at the party!

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