Miley Cyrus Is Upset That Liam Hemsworth Doesn’t Like The New Her

March 14, 2013 • By Home

Liam Hemsworth Does Not Like The New Miley Cyrus

Uh oh! While a source has spilled that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are determined to try and make things work even though their relationship is rocky right now, it sounds like there’s a reason Liam took the first flight to Australia he could find!

Reportedly Liam isn’t a huge fan of the new Miley, and he’s been telling her so for a while now. Liam doesn’t like her new look, her short hair and her new clothing choices, and he doesn’t like her recent partying ways.

Miley has been getting sick of hearing from Liam everything he doesn’t like about her, so the second she heard the reports about Liam and January Jones she didn’t even ask him if the reports were true, instead she just started screaming! Miley was happy that the negative attention wasn’t on her this time around, and she started attacking Liam and the company he keeps.

That’s when Liam packed his bags and took off. Do you think Miley and Liam will still be living together when he returns from his trip?

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