Drake Bell Is Always Trying To Start Something With Justin Bieber

March 23, 2013 • By Home

Drake Bell Justin Bieber Tweet

We can’t help but roll our eyes at this one. It seems like Nickelodeon actor and singer Drake Bell is always trying to start something with superstar Justin Bieber. Justin took to Twitter to let his fans know that he was busy writing new music, Tweeting:

Doing some writing.

Well, it looks like Justin can’t even say something as simple as that without Drake having to comment. Here’s Drake’s Tweet:

@justinbieber yeah right.

Justin Bieber Writes Music

Well alright. Drake is always going on about how Justin doesn’t write his own music, and how he doesn’t like Justin’s songs, and about how he is the real artist, but we haven’t heard anything from Drake in a while. Hopefully he releases some new tunes soon!

Right now you can catch Drake on ABC’s reality diving competition show “Splash.” Let us know if you tune in!

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