Justin Bieber Will Be Doing Charity Work To Help Improve His Damaged Image

April 7, 2013 • By Home

Justin Bieber Charity Work

Justin Bieber’s 2013 didn’t start off on a very good foot. He’s been involved in a ton of drama, and there haven’t been many positive stories about him in the press. In order to combat that Justin and his team will be participating in a bunch of charity work soon.

A source told Hollywood Life:

Justin’s people said that instead of trying to fight all the bad press, he’s going to put his energy into doing good. He already does a lot to give back — most of the time he doesn’t even publicize it, which is pretty awesome! But they’re looking at doing some stuff that’s more high-profile because he’s been getting so beaten up in the media, and they want to shine the light back on the good. They haven’t signed anything yet but they’ve been talking about linking up and getting Justin really involved, with TV spots and the whole nine yards! Everyone is crossing their fingers that it happens because it could make such a huge difference.

That sounds like a great plan! Hopefully Justin can get some more positive stories in the press in the coming months.

Either way though, Will Smith is there for Justin no matter what!

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