Laura Marano Says She Doesn’t Have Time For A Relationship

April 9, 2013 • By Home

Austin And Ally Laura Marano Boyfriend

During an interview with OK! in the UK Laura Marano revealed that she doesn’t have time for a relationship. But, she did share who she has a big crush on! When asked if she had a boyfriend, Laura responded:

I have no time for romance. I’m saving myself for Harry Potter and potentially Mr Darcy because I know they’re out there! Harry Potter because I’m a wizard and Mr Darcy because I want to be English so badly it’s ridiculous. This is my first time in London and not only are the accents amazing but everything is so cool. Don’t get me started on the style! Everybody is so stylish. I cannot wait to shop at Topshop!

We hope that Laura finds the guys she’s looking for!

Laura also revealed during her interview that she goes to a regular high school rather than attending school on the set of “Austin & Ally.”

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