Billy Ray Cyrus Talks About Miley Cyrus And Nick Jonas’ Love

April 18, 2013 • By Home

Billy Ray Cyrus Nick Jonas Miley Cyrus

In his new memoir “Hillbilly Heart,” Billy Ray Cyrus chats about his daughter Miley Cyrus‘ relationship with Nick Jonas. Here’s what Billy Ray revealed about Miley falling in love with Nick:

She and Nick Jonas connected instantly when the Jonas Brothers guest-starred on the show. I saw that chemistry happen right before my eyes. Again, it was art imitating life or life imitating art. Take your pick. But everyone saw they had a big crush on each other and that things just grew to where they were inseparable..That night, Nick, Miley, and I sat by the fireplace and talked for a while. The Jonas Brothers weren’t really famous yet. They were just getting loaded up to take off. And so again, I knew this might be as close to a normal boyfriend relationship Miley would ever know.

Aww! We can’t wait to read Billy Ray’s new book to hear more about Miley and Nick!

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