25 Things You Don’t Know About Actress Lauren Graham

May 6, 2013 • By Home

Lauren Graham

Gilmore Girls” and “Parenthood” actress Lauren Graham revealed 25 secrets about herself to Us Weekly! Here they are:

1. If I’d been a boy, my parents were going to name me Grant.

2. My airport candy of choice is Swedish Fish.

3. When I was little, I would frequently perform the poem “Casey at the Bat” for dinner guests. Sorry, dinner guests.

4. I know every word of every song on Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

5. I don’t own a microwave.

6. I love to redecorate.

7. I skipped kindergarten.

8. In college, people would pay me to cut their hair.

9. I don’t really know how to cut hair.

10. I love doing the New York Times crossword puzzle, even on the days I can’t finish it.

11. I have a British half sister.

12. My mother spoke Japanese fluently.

13. I was born in Hawaii, but I never lived there.

14. For a time in high school, I had glasses, braces, and a cast. I like to call this look “no date for homecoming.”

15. I’ve seen The Godfather Part II, Broadcast News, and Annie Hall more than 20 times each.

16. I rode horses competitively and once had a job mucking stalls.

17. I used to teach SAT test prep. When in doubt, always pick C.

18. I have a fear of karaoke.

19. In college, I was in an a cappella group called the Metrotones.

20. I’m a dork for anything with a shamrock on it.

21. I’ve tried repeatedly to be a blonde or a redhead. It just doesn’t work.

22. I dream of playing Lady Cora’s sister on Downton Abbey.

23. Tokyo is one of my favorite places.

24. My grandmother is 92.

25. She drives, teaches Sunday school, and looks beautiful. She’s my hero.

Out of all of the acting projects Lauren has ever been a part of, which is your favorite?

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