The Disney Channel Is Holding A Casting Call June 2013

June 7, 2013 • By Home

Disney Channel Casting Call

The Disney Channel is looking for their next big star! The network is holding a casting call in Southern California and is reportedly looking for stars that “reflect our diverse world.”

Disney Channel’s senior vice president of Casting and Talent Relations, Judy Taylor, told the Huffington Post:

We are part of a global community and television should be a reflection of our diverse audience. Great storytelling comes from all different backgrounds and cultures and it’s important that we have actors and characters representing all of these different voices. While our casting search is for everyone, this ‘grass roots’ search is a great opportunity for us to see many young actors [and] actresses whose talent, by circumstances or geography, hasn’t yet been evaluated by a professional casting director. Stars including Selena Gomez, Raini Rodriguez, Bella Thorne and Adam Irigoyen are very popular with our overall audience because they’re relatable, proud of their background and appreciative of the support they receive from their respective communities.

Here’s a note from Disney about the talent search:

“Representatives for Disney Channel and Disney XD are conducting a talent search!

We are looking for young talent to be considered for upcoming original television series and television movies to be produced for Disney Channel and Disney XD. If you are a boy or girl between the ages of 10-17 years old and you are interested in acting, singing OR dancing please contact us for more information!”

Visit the Disney Channel talent search website for more information!

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